by Sculptures

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released May 22, 2017



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Sculptures Budapest, Hungary

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Track Name: Somme
coming from the dark
a whisper in my ears
a last call from
the other side

I will fall today
carves in the blasted mud
wounds in the ground
will hide me away

away from the noise
from the pointless torture
to get the soil
just one more breath

the whistle calls
arms and legs move
out from the cradle
we run to nothingness

one more step ahead
the bullet waits
to carry me away
from the first day
of July on 1916's summer
Track Name: Angel of Flies
angel of flies
servant of God
angel of flies
corrupt the blood
angel of diseases
servant of God
angel of diseases
cure the lies

parazyte on the soul
sucker of the flesh
a sore thought
hidden behind mockery
the unknown invader
is the twisted progenitor

the voice of lust
the seed of lies
a malignant word
the spell being told
a corruptive ghost
is the idea formed deed

tip of the fierce pike
pole inside the body
a neck embraced by the rope
the shiny meathook
in the hangman’s hands
tears the flesh from the bone

ulcered face of sorrow
messenger of the plague
smiles with an open mouth
into the innocents face
you are one of us now
victim of the true God
Track Name: Shadows
she came in the morning
I saw her through the window
uninvited guest
nothing was asked
the door slowly closed
I watched the ground
we are both
covered in a sparkle

everything fades away
my motion blurs

from the yesterdays dust
strange bodies
move around me
strange voices
frozen in the air
I look at them from a cave
just waiting

maybe the shades move away
maybe She won’t see me
maybe I get out now
maybe the fear
won't taste bitter
like the pills
under my tongue
I mime my life,

maybe I won't hurt this time
maybe You won't see me now
maybe this time will be different

show myself for others
and lie that I am alive
that I am still here
but I just sit on the ground
in a cold and deep cave
waiting for the shadows